Thursday, 19 November 2009 22:54

Western Schley Pecan Pollinizer

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Question: I have a 15 year old, healthy Western Schley pecan tree . It has never produced more than a couple handfuls of nuts.  What variety would you suggest to help pollinate, I live east of clovis. Also, what local nursery sells your pecan trees? Thanks.

Answer: For our western, arid climate, the best pollinator for Western Schley Pecan is Witchita Pecan.  I will have the sales representative for your area contact you via email with retail nurseries close by that might have this pecan tree.  Western Schley Pecan is also semi-self fertile - obvious since you are getting some pecans instead of nothing at all. I am surprised that you are getting so few.

One thing that commercial pecan growers have learned is the nuts require sufficient sunlight for good productivity and by the time the tree gets large and tall in a crowded orchard, it loses its productivity due to loss of light.  This is one reason why you will see commecial pecans trees pruned fairly heavily every couple of years to allow more light penetration.  As a single tree, you should not have that problem unless your tree is surrounded by other towering trees.