This page is primarily for the nursery employees who receive the bareroot trees and care for them until they are planted in the landscape.

Bareroot Trees and Shrubs are incredibly tough. They almost always survive and thrive after the abuse they receive being dug from where they were grown and transplanted into a new environment. If they do not, it is usually something humans did to cause the loss.


Never-the-less there are some trees and shrubs that will require special attention to be successful. Special handling instructions can be found below for these varieties.


Most of the pages are in Adobe Acrobat format so the nurseries can print them for training their people.


Retailer Education Series:

1) Introduction to Bareroot

2) Delivery Day Unloading

3) Delivery Day Storage

4) Bareroot Display Box

5) Canning Bareroot

6) Why Prune?

7) Pruning Pomegranates for Transplant Survival


9) EZ-Pick (What it is and how to prune)


11) Bareroot Grapes - comparing #1 with a #2