GK Digger #3 lowering the digging blade at the beginning of a row of Autumn Fantasy Maples. Blade undercuts, lifts and shakes soil off roots. Worker behind the digger directs the trees to fall to one side keeping the path clear for another digger pass and the trailers to pick up trees.

Side view of digger. Notice how trees in the foreground are laying cleanly (but not so neatly) on top of the ground. In the past workers had to pull the trees from the soil. Today, they just pick them up and stack neatly on trailers. We figure the diggers pay for themselves by every back injury they have eliminated. Since we have had the diggers, we have not had a back injury.

Rear view of digger. Notice how cleanly and undamaged the trees are harvested. No breaking of roots tugging the trees out of the ground. These diggers average 80 rows a day with these 2 men and a crew of 6 to pick up trees. Using the older diggers required 40 man crews to get 30-40 rows a day. Needless to say, we are happy with the productivity improvement!