Snow Fountains® Flowering Cherry (Prunus x cv. 'Snofozam')

This tree has become one of our favorites because of its beauty and versatility. If budded at the ground and left to its own, it would become a creeper or carpet of white spring blossoms. Most nurseries have traditionally budded this tight weeper on a standard. We do that and offer it on 6 foot, 5 foot and 30 inch standards. Another very pleasing form is to bud at the ground, staking the weeping branches until they reach head high. This form offers weeping branches continuously up the trunk. Besides its beauty as a weeping tree, there are added benefits. In hotter summer climates, the branches shade the trunk from sunburn. If you are creative, there are some interesting topiary possibilities as well.

6' Snow Fountains® Flowering Cherry - Top Grafted
Field of 3 year Top Grafted Snow Fountains® Flowering Cherries
Salesman Lloyd stands next to a stand of Snow Fountains
Lloyd is pulling back the branches of these low budded Snow Fountains® showing the continuous branching up the trunk. This is a July photo which means another 4 months of growth. before harvest.

These trees are low budded Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherries in our budwood orchard. They are butchered each year by cutting back branches so new, fresh wood grows annually for budwood and grafting. Even with the weeping limbs removed during dormancy, the spring bloom creates immense interest.

30" Snow Fountains® in the landscape
Same 30" Snow Fountains® -Fall Color