Disclaimer:  This information is general in nature and may not apply to all situations as climates, site conditions and soil types can vary greatly from one location to another.  We highly recommend that you contact your local retail nursery for their expertise in selection and care of trees and plants for your local environment.  Farmers should be working closely with their local or regional farm advisors or University Extension agents. These local experts will be more familiar with your local environment than we can sitting here in our own Garden of Eden.


There are NO recommendations or advice on pesticide sprays or other chemical applications on this website.  Every state has different licenses and requirements and different pests (insects, not bureaucratsWink).  Contact your local PCA (Pest Control Advisor) or retail nursery for the pests and products legally available to use on them in your location.


This page is always a work in progress. You can never have too much information!  Links will be added when pages or videos are completed.




Planting A Tree (in the Ground)


Tips for Orchardists


Watering Trees


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Urban Tree Foundation Cue Cards
(Tree Quality, Tree Planting, Tree Training, Root Management)