Edible Fruit Descriptive Guide

We have one of the best jobs in the world! As a staff, we have the privilege of selecting the best tasting fruits from the thousands of trees in the research orchards and offering them to you.


Nothing tastes better than fruit picked fresh from the tree at full maturity. Dripping with sweetness, flavor exploding in your mouth.


After enjoying the delights of home grown fruit, the commercial fruit in the supermarkets disappoint. There is a reason for that. Commercial fruit is selected for its appearance, ability to withstand rigors of shipping, cold storage, ripening all at the same time, fitting into the cartons and then it is still picked before fully ripe. Best flavor is not first in importance.


Our goal is to select the fruits that taste the best - period! And if they happen to ripen over a 30 day time frame - all the better. After all, who needs too much fruit all at one time unless you are into canning or jam making? It just falls to the ground. If the tree has outstanding, long lasting blooms as well - even better! The fruit trees we grow are selected so the home gardener can grow the best and proven varieties.