Thursday, 19 November 2009 22:40

EZ-Pick Avocado Trees?

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Question: I really like the idea of EZ Pick trees.  For us vertically challenged, it sounds convenient as heck.
I have one question though, at least for now.  Have you ever tried pruning Avocado Trees to create an EZ Pick tree?  If so, were you successful?

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Answer: I cannot claim to know much about Avocado trees.  We do not grow them since they do not go dormant and everything we grow is deciduous.
On the other hand, most trees and plants behave similarly to pruning.  Once pruned, if there are bud eyes below the cut, the buds will force and become a new branch.  This I suspect that Avocado Trees could be pruned low as long as there are multiple buds below the cut. As a young adventuresome child, I remember climbing the huge avocado trees next door and two of those trees had monstrous branches right near ground level.