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Green Seedless Grapes

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Dear Sir/Madam,
Question: I would like to grow table grapes.  I would like to know the name of the large white sweet seedless grape.  Is it Autumn seedless or another variety?


Answer: There are a lot of green (white) seedless grapes - the most well known being Thompson Seedless.  It would help to know where you are located so the right one(s) could be recommended for your climate.

Here are the Green Seedless Grapes that we grow and their approximate ripening time in the Central Valley of California:


Autumn Seedless Medium sized, Pale green to golden,  August-September

Delight (Seedless) Large sized, Dark greenish-yellow, Late July

Himrod (seedless) Medium sized, Pale green to yellow,  August-September

Lakemont (Seedless) Medium sized, pale green to golden,  August-September

Perlette (Seedless) Medium sized, Amber green,  Late July

Princess (Seedless) Large sized, Pale green to golden, Mid - Late August

Summer Muscat Seedless Medium sized, Green, August

Thompson Seedless Medium sized, Pale green to golden, August-September


If you live in a climate like the Central Valley of California, you are lucky and can grow any ot them.  In a more coastal climate, I would look at Delight and Perlette.  For colder winter areas like the Finger Lake region of New York, I would use Lakemont and Himrod.


If you like them real sweet and have the climate for it, I like Himrod.  Let it hang until real ripe and it becomes a real dessert.


Remember, most of the grapes you find in the grocery stores were picked a little early so not as sweet as home grown and they are often larger because the plant hormone gibberellic acid was used by the commercial growers to enlarge them.


More descriptions on grapes can be found on page 35-39 of the Edible Fruit Guide found here: Edible Fruit Guide.