Thursday, 04 February 2010 11:21

Recommended Fruit Trees for San Fernando Valley

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Question: Please tell what fruit trees (especially apricots, plums, figs) you recommend for the (hot) San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. I'd like a grape that will grow over an arbor, as well as all sorts of edible fruit.
Many Thanks, Rafael

Answer:  Rafael,

Thank you for a wonderful question.  I chuckle at the relative term "hot" in your question.  Our growing fields, in the richest agricultural area in the world (San Joaquin Valley), is much hotter than what you experience.  Heat is often a friend to fruit trees - how much winter chilling is the more important question for you and your location.  Fortunately, San Fernando Valley has a good climate for a wide selection of different fruit trees.  We have put together 2 pages of recommended fruit trees for the San Fernando Valley based upon what we think tastes great and would sell well at local retail nurseries.  You can see this list here: San Gabriel - San Fernando Valley.  Our goal is a satisfied customer who points his or her friends back to the local retail nursery that provides good tasting fruit that actually performs well for your climate.  Hope this list helps in making your selections.  Enjoy!