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Desert Gold Peach

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Question: I am thinking of buying a Desert Gold Peach tree and planting on the north side of my home. I have a plum, lime and grapefruit on this side, all which bear fruit. However it does not get much direct sun. 1-2 hours winter, 2-3 hours spring and fall, 4 hours in summer. Is this enough sun for this tree to produce?  Bob


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Desert Gold Peach

Answer: Bob,

Usually I like to plant my fruit trees in full sun or at least for the majority of the day.  That is where the commercial orchards are for best performance.  That being said, I suspect your Desert Gold Peach should do OK where you propose it.  Since you have the Desert Gold Peach, I am assuming you are in a hotter desert-like climate which helps.

During the winter, the tree is dormant and does not need the sun or warmth so the 1-2 hours does not concern me.  The Desert Gold Peach has an early ripening fruit - normally Late April to Mid May in southwest desert regions.  Your lack of sun might cause the ripening to be later by up to a few weeks but the early fruiting and low chill requirements work in your favor.  If you asked this question about a late season fruit, I would worry about not having a long enough season due to lack of sunlight.  I have a genetic dwarf Golden Glory Peach on the east side of my house next to the fence in a small yard.  It doesn't get over 2 hours of direct overhead light each day and it has done fine for me.  Enjoy them.   Ron L.