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Pink Cloud Flowering Cherries

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Pink Cloud Flowering Cherry (Prunus serrulata 'Pink Cloud')

Question: Hello, I would like to grow a cherry blossom tree (with pretty pink flowers) in my backyard. We generally don't have long cold winters here in Los Angeles. I heard Pink Cloud can tolerate warm weather better than most cherry blossom trees. It that true? Can I purchase one from you?  Minika - Los Angeles, CA

Answer:  You have heard correctly.  Pink Cloud is one of the few flowering Cherries that can perform well in the mild winter (low winter chill) areas.  There are literally thousands of them planted over the years by municipalities and planted in parks from the L.A. basin to San Diego (see article about tree planting in San Diego here).  I find it a very stunning tree when it is in bloom.


Pink Cloud Flowering Cherry perfect for mild winter areas

More information on Pink Cloud Flowering Cherry can be found here: Pink CLoud Flowering Cherry

To answer your other question, you can purchase our products from retailers in your area or a few mail order companies that specialize in horticultural products (Note: mail order companies located outside California most likely cannot ship back into California so pick one from within California).  We are a wholesale grower and do not sell directly to the public.