Monday, 01 February 2010 18:11

Multiple Trees in the Space of One

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Question: Do your bareroot plum and peach trees have the same rootstock?  If not, are the rootstocks for these trees compatible with one another if I were to plant them together in the same hole?  Thank you.  James

Answer: James,

Most plums are on plum rootstock (Myrobolan, Mariana, Citation, etc).  The peaches are on peach rootstock (Nemaguard, Lovell, Siberian, etc.).  Exact rootstock is of course dependent upon the specific variety and whether standard or semi-dwarf.

Not to worry though.  Compatability is only a concern if you are trying to bud multiple varieties on the same rootstock.  What you want to do is exactly what we recommend.  In the space of one tree, you can plant several trees and there is no compatibility concerns unless one tree grows so much larger than the order to shade it out.  Here is a page on our website with more information about multiple trees in the space of one:  Multiple Trees in the Space of One

Maybe you might want to add even another!   Enjoy your future fruit.