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Late Season Peach

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Question: I love peaches but do not have any to harvest after August.  What late season peaches are available?


Answer: Over the years there have been many late ripening peaches offered through the nursery trade but the number of people passionate like you for late season peaches are fewer in number.  Once school starts and the heat of summer fades, so does some of the gardening interest - at least until the Pomegranates and Persimmons adorn the trees with their colorful (and tasty) fall colors.  At one time we grew the Halloween Peach which ripened, you guessed it. in late October.  We discontinued it because not too many folks were looking for peaches in October and a lot of places were too cold in October for ripening.

The latest ripening peach we grow is the Summerset Peach which ripens in September.  It is a large freestone peach with yellow skin and yellow flesh.  It is a good quality peach with excellent flavor.  Requires about 750 hours of winter chill below 45ºF which prevents growing in mild winter areas.  You will need a climate that provides sufficient length of warm season to ripen in September.


Summerset Peach - September 19th photo


Another late peach is the Indian Blood Cling Peach.  It ripens in Late August into Early September.  It is a large peach with red skin and dramatic blood-red flesh streaked with white.  A heavey producer of good quality peaches.  Will fruit heavier with a pollinizer.  Requires about 900 hours of winter chill below 45ºF which prevents growing in mild winter areas.

indian blood from slide

Indian Blood Cling Peach - Early September Photo


Enjoy your yummy harvest!