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Keith Davey Pistache Questions

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Several questions have come in on the Keith Davey Chinese Pistache

Question: What is the difference between Keith Davey and the Chinese Pistache Seedling?


Answer: The Keith Davey Chinese Pistache (Pistachio chinensis) is a budded selection chosen for its superior fall color and seedless nature.  By budding the wood from this tree we can duplicate these consistent and predictable characteristics for each tree planted.  On the other hand, the seedling Chinese Pistache is variable.  Like children, each tree is the product of pollinized seed and no two trees will be exactly the same.  Some may have beautiful fall color while others may be weak.  Some may be more yellow and others fiery orange-red.  Some may set lots of seed while others a lot less.  Keith Davey gives you predictability of a gorgeous, seedless tree.

See information flyers here: Keith Davey and Chinese Pistache Seedling


Question: Why will you only ship Pistache the first week of January?


Answer: Chinese Pistache do not like to be dug and shipped bareroot - there is a high loss factor which is why we did not grow them in the past.  Due to high demand, we are growing them now but only with the proviso that we dig them on the last day of digging and ship within the next 1-3 days afterwards.  Customers must plant or can them immediately upon receipt.  There is no guarantee on these trees so losses are the risk and gamble of the receiving nursery.  If we cannot ship them the first week of shipping, the items are removed from your order.


Question: Are these budded or grafted trees?

Answer: We bud the Keith Davey on the Pistachia chinensis seedling.


Note: Special Care needed promptly to handle them bareroot: Pistache Care Page