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Something's Going On By The Water Coolor

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(Drying Hachiya Persimmons)


Hanging Around By The Water Cooler

We had read about dried persimmons (Ancient Art of Hoshigaki) in various articles (example here and here) but most of the office and sales staff had never tried them.  This week, James brought in some dried Hachiya Persimmons and we were pleasantly surprised at the flavor and sweetness.

Now James is showing us all how to dry the Hachiya Persimmons.  With the help of Lloyd, the persimmons were "topped", peeled (skinned) and tied up to dry in the company kitchen.


Lloyd "topping" the Hachiya Persimmon but leaving the stem for hanging.


"Topped" Persimmons


James is peeling the Hachiya Persimons


Next they are tied to string in preparatin for hanging out to dry.


Hachiya Persimmons hanging in the office kitchen under the storage cabinets.


In about four weeks we will see and taste the fruits of their labor.  Lloyd suggested we go into production of dried persimmons as they are currently selling in some markets at $9-$15 a pound.  Hmmm....sounds like a good project for the grandkids to earn their college funds.

Ron Ludekens 12-5-2012