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Snow Fountains Revisited

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About this time last year I posted a blog about the Snow Fountains® Flowering Cherries that I have growing in my yard.  Well guess what - they are blooming again - and again I love them.  This year they were looking really stunning and last night a storm was blowing in.  So in the near dark, twilight I shot these photos before the rain and wind messed with my flowers:


Snow Flowers Flowering Cherries Before the Storm

Snow Fountains® Flowering Cherries - Before the Storm

One on left is budded at the ground and weeping all the way up the trunk.  One in center is top grafted.  Magenta blooms in the background are from Oklahoma Redbud.


Snow Fountains Budded at Top

6' Snow Fountains Budded at the Top


Snow Fountains Flowering Cherry Budded at the Gound

Snow Fountains® Flowering Cherry Budded at the Ground - Weeping All The Way Up.

I really like this form and think it is under-used in our industry.


30 Inch Snow Fountains Flowering Cherry

I really like the 30" sized Snow Fountains® Flowering Cherry as an accent tree.


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Enjoy your Spring - I know I am!    Ron Ludekens 3-20-13