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Snow Fountains® Flowering Cherry

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I was late to work today.  Camera was calling.

As a photographer, light is all important.  When I can get skies with clouds that give it character and soft light (but keep the camera dry) I start looking for something to photograph.  This morning was one of those special mornings.  And the subject was one of my favorite trees busting out in glorious bloom.

We have three Snow Fountains® Weeping Flowering Cherries (Prunus subhirtella x cv. 'Snofozam') in our yard.  The oldest and thus largest one is next to my back yard side fence where anyone walking through the gate can see it.  I have shot many photos of it over the years and did it again this morning.  It really is lovely.  It was a low budded tree so there are weeping branches coming all up the trunk.


Snow Fountains® Flowering Cherry (Budded at the ground)


My newest one is also in the back yard but I planted it right out in the open for everyone to see and enjoy it.  Of course the spring bloom is always spectacular but I also like the shape in the summer and winter.  Seems our new dog also likes to lay under it (and dig holes).


Snow Fountains® Flowering Cherry (Budded at the top)


Probably my favorite form is the 30" tall Snow Fountains®.  It is out front set among boulders and some shrubs.  The size is just right to add elegance to the landscape throughout the four seasons.


30" Snow Fountains® Flowering Cherry


The tree hails from Lake County Nursery in Ohio (one of their many great "ZAM" introductions) so it takes the cold.  What we are finding encouraging are the claims of successful flowering in many of the milder areas of Southern California where there is winter chill of 500 hours and maybe lower.  I won't promise it will flower at the coast, but I think some are being tried there so we hope to find out.

There is more information here: Snow Fountains Blog Article and here: Snow Fountains.

Ron Ludekens 3-14-2012