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Point Of Sale Information Pages

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Point of Sale (POS) Information Pages

I am always amazed at the vast amount of knowledge every retail nursery person maintains in their heads.  I have a hard time remembering all the details about our own products - to know the details of the thousands of other products is mind boggling.

But even if you know it all, you cannot always be available to answer every customer's question.  You need the silent helpers in the form of Point of Sale signs.

We have created hundreds of POS Information Pages with hundreds more in work (as I have time). (See samples here)

These are 8 1/2" x 11" pages with large color photos and written descriptions designed to sell your trees.  They are free to our customers to download and print from our web site.  They work great printed on paper and then laminated or can also be printed on special waterproof LaserTag stock. Some customers also print them for counter books and inside displays.

We also can print the POS pages for you for a nominal charge and optionally laminate them. Costs for these services are printed in the sales aids section of our catalog.

If we do not have a finished page, ask us and I'll make it my next priority assuming I have the photo(s) in my collection.

We will announce via Twitter as each new page is posted or revised.  Since many of you use these pages,  follow us on Twitter and keep abreast of the latest postings.

Here are links to show how nurseries around the country are using these pages:

Please share your own ideas with others.  Email photos to me and I will post them on this idea blog.

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Ron Ludekens