Friday, 22 September 2017 14:46

Pettingill Apple

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(Malus domestica)

This is an introduction from a tree Mr. Clark Pettingill had in Seal Beach, CA, a coastal location. Armstrong Nurseries patented the variety in 1955 and permitted the L. E. Cooke Co to grow it in 1960.

My wife and I planted one in our yard in San Gabriel and each fall had a heavy crop of large, good appearance, red apples. They had good flavor and made good applesauce.

It is a proven quality, very large round, deep red skin with yellow stripes which will produce along California’s southern coastal areas. Pettingill does well in our 90° - 100° summer heat. The fruit is good – crisp, juicy, fresh eating apple which can be used for pies and sauce.

The fruit ripens over a three week period in late August into September. A mild winter variety which homeowners need to know as it produces abundant good quality fruit on a large growing tree.

Bob Ludekens