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Casselman Plum / Late (Improved) Santa Rosa Plum

Written by  Bob Ludekens

Casselman Plum / Late Santa Rosa Plum


When George Daniels became our production manager in 1960, he recommended we grow an improved Late Santa Rosa Plum. It was from a naturally occurring bud mutation from Mr. Casselman’s commercial orchard that Mr. Daniels maintained. This sport set a very large fruit that did not split like the Late Santa Rosa.

In 1967 we named the plum Casselman and have listed it in the catalog ever since. We also grow this same Casselman sport for the Late Santa Rosa Plum as all facts are the same except the fruit does not split - especially if a rain occurs which affects the Late Santa Rosa. Today we list “improved” for the Late Santa Rosa to differentiate it.

Casselman Plum

Casselman Plums and our Late (Improved) Santa Rosa plums are large oval fruit, purple crimson skin, deep amber flesh, rich pleasing tart flavor. A heavy producer, self-fertile, ripens in early August. The variety is a good pollinizer for Elephant Heart and Mariposa Plums. The selection needs 500 hours chilling.

Bob Ludekens 1-16-2014


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