Tuesday, 25 October 2011 03:00

Gravenstein Apple Article

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The L.A. Times had a nice article: The Future of Gravenstein Hangs on a Thin Stem
Please take a minute to read it.
We have been selling Gravenstein Apples for years (and more recently the newer Red Gravenstein Apples as well).  They are not big sellers and that is a shame.  As the article mentions, there is a small resurgence of the Gravenstein by fans of this apple.  They want to save this wonderful apple from oblivion.  One of the couples mentioned in the article have contracted with us several times to grow extra for their own increased plantings.

Whenever any of our staff is on a sales trip through the Sebastopol area at the right time of year, they must bring back cases of Gravenstein and Sierra Beauty Apples for the office to share.  We are big fans too.
Ron Ludekens 11-24-2011