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Grapevine Fall Color

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Blueberry Grape Fall Color

Blueberry Grape Fall Color

Too many years ago I was in the Napa wine country during Thanksgiving weekend.  The fall colors were stunning.  I only had my point and shoot camera then and have always wanted to go back during peak color with my good cameras and lenses.  But alas, I have been thwarted with other duties and will hope again for "next year".

Today I made a quick trip to the budwood orchard to get some Hachiya Persimmons so my wife can bake persimmon cookies this weekend.  The next row over we have a single row (row 26) with a lot of single vines of most of our grapes.  There were a number with some really nice red leaves still hanging on the vines. So I stopped and took a couple of shots.

This visit reminded me that many grapevines have a spectacular fall color season.  And if you look close in the spring at the new growth you will also see pink and red new foliage.  A lot of the purple and red grapes (both seedless, table and wine grapes) show their colors in the leaves of autumn.

One of our most recent introductions which we are really impressed with is the Blueberry Grape.  So I was thrilled to capture some of its fall color in the photo above.  Put another star on this wonderful selection!

Here are two more from this afternoon's visit:

Summer Royal Grape Fall COlor

Summer Royal Grape Fall Color


Black Emerald Grape Fall Color

Black Emerald Grape Fall Color

An arbor draped in red.  A fence covered in magenta.  Not a bad way to end the harvest season.

Ron Ludekens 12-5-2014