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Low Chill Apricot

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Question: My area has (on avg) about 350 hours per year of winter chill. I have been dissapointed in my Katy Apricot (no fruit) and my Blenheim Apricot (occasional fruit) over the last few years. What is your most reliable apricot for mild winters?  Ed - Somis, CA

Answer:  Ed,

We have a recommended variety for you.  In fact it came from a nurseryman near you in Camarillo that had the exact same problem.  He had this chance seedling that fruited every year in  his yard when Blenheim often did not.  We grew it for a number of years and then named it Tropic Gold® Apricot when we produced the trees for selling.


Tropic Gold® Apricot


I have been impressed by its productiveness.  In fact, the branches will weep with the fruit load.


Tropic Gold® Apricot so loaded it weeps!


You can see more information on this information flyer here: Tropic Gold Apricot and additional photos on my photography website here: Tropic Gold Photo Gallery

You should find it in some of your local retail nurseries - just ask for it by name.