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Different Ripening Times

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Question: I would like to grow three different semi-dwarf peach trees that ripen at different stages. Can you please suggest a few?  Pete - Atascadero, CA


Answer: I love it when a homeowner plans for fruit all summer!  And this is an ideal use of our recommended variety lists as well. These lists give you choices and some of those choices like Peaches are spread over ripening months.

Step 1) What is your Sunset Zone?  Look it up by your zip code here: Sunset Climate Zone by Zip Code or by US Map

Step 2) Look at or print the Recommended Variety List for that Sunset Zone from this page: Recommended Variety Lists

Step 3) Chose your favorite varieties and call your local nursery for availability (or pre-order from them for next January- March delivery).

Pete, in your case, Atascadero is in Sunset Zone 7.  Here is our recommended variety list for Sunset Climate Zone 7.

Hope this tool is useful for everyone.

Ron Ludekens 7-13-13