Thursday, 12 August 2010 03:00

Weeping Double Red Flowering Peach - Edible Fruit?

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Question:  Is the Weeping Double Red Flowering Peach tree supposed to produce peaches? We have had it for 3 years and it is about 8' tall and it produces peaches but they stop growing shortly after the produce. We only have one tree are we supposed to have two for pollination? We have been to the nursery but they can not seem to answer our questions.

Thanks,   Julie -  Prattville, Alabama

Answer:  Most fruit trees (but not all) that are known for their beautiful spring blooms produce fruit.  For the most part they are not very enjoyable to eat - at least not to our discriminating taste buds.   That is the case with the Weeping Double Red Flowering Peach.  I consider it a nuisance fruit - a negative more than offset by the spring bloom.  So putting in another tree for pollination would not make it any better.  Be thankful they drop when they are smaller an easier (less squishy) to clean up.

Two flowering peach trees that I really like are the Red Baron Peach and the Saturn Peach.  Both have stunning 2-3 week spring blooms and excellent tasting summer fruit.

Ron L.