Tuesday, 09 March 2010 23:11

Spring Time - in the Dark

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What's wrong with me?  This has become one of the most beautiful springs with desperately needed storms creating dramatic, picturesque skies and the blossoms bursting out all over - and here I am missing it all!


Red Baron Fruiting/Flowering Peach - Illuminated by flash

It is the time of the year where I am hunkered down in the office day and night wrapping up this season and preparing for next season.  Heavy time is spent working on next year's catalog plus shipping out a few late season trucks.

Truth be told, I would really rather be in the orchards, camera in hand taking pure delight in the beauty around us - and sharing it with you.

So Monday, I took a sanity break late in the day and zipped out into the orchard next to the office. Should have gone earlier because I was losing the light fast and another rain maker was about to unload on us.

You will notice the trees in our scion wood orchard look rather harshly pruned - and not very photogenic.  That is because we cut them hard so the trees put out a lot of new vegetative growth to be used as bud wood and cutting wood for propagation.  It is necessary to do, but frustrating to the photographer in me as I really want to show full trees - not just closeups of fruit and flowers.


Saturn Fruiting and Flowering Peach in full, long lasting bloom

Monday evening, I saw this Saturn Peach in full bloom.  This tree had been flagged not to cut just so I could take better photos this year.  Looks like I waited a bit too long - the blossoms are already beginning to drop after 2-3 weeks of bloom.  And it was about to rain.


Saturn Fruiting & Flowering Peach in Bloom - the first of two seasons

Saturn Peach is one of my favorites.  Stunning, long pink spring bloom and very good peaches in July.  I love a tree that can offer two great seasons - a dual purpose tree.



Saturn Peach Bloom


Next to this Saturn Peach was one of the Red Baron Peaches (seen above in first photo when it was getting really dark).  It was pruned heavily (butchered?) as we usually do for the Budwood Orchard trees.  None the less, the photo still gives a hint of its magnificent spring blossoms.  The fruit on this tree is excellent - one of the best in my opinion.

If you had room in your yard, I would plant one of each for these dual season trees.