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Royalty Apricot History

Written by  Bob Ludekens

Royalty Apricot


This very large early fruiting apricot was introduced to the L. E. Cooke Co in 1970 by Walter Krause of Redwood Nursery, Reedley, California.

Royalty sets fruit as a young tree and ripens for us in early June. The tree sets very large fruit on the heavy wood in the tree which is an asset in windy areas.

The variety is freestone, self fertile, very large, good flavor, ripening very early before the summer heat.  The original trees were sold by Mr. Krause in Idaho, Utah, Michigan and the California San Joaquin Valley.  While the fruit quality is large and excellent flavor, the tree does not set a heavy crop.  Fruit size mitigates some of this.

Robert Ludekens 12-26-2013

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