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Midgely's Purple Seedless Grape History

Written by  Ron Ludekens

Midgley's Purple Grape


Discovered by Tom Midgely in southwest Utah in 1965.  Taken to Tom's home in Ogden, Utah where the vines froze in 1968.

Tom moved to Washington, Utah and replanted from the original vine in southern Utah and sent cuttings to the L. E. Cooke Co.

The L. E. Cooke Co has had the vines in Visalia since 1970.  The cuttings were planted in our test block and the decision was made to introduce it in 1980.

Midgely's Purple is reddish-purple seedless table and raisin grape.  The berries are firm, medium size, round, somewhat resembling Flame in size and shape.  The clusters are large and long, well filled but not compact.  The texture is crisp, juicy, and good eating quality. Midgely's Purple has good, rich, sweet flavor and ripens over an extended period of seven weeks, holding well on the vine from August through September.

This makes for a long harvest season of quality seedless grapes with rich, sweet flavor making it great for home gardens.  Cane pruning and grows well on trellis or arbors.

The late Lon Rombough observed that the Black Monukka grape is similar to Midgely's and we agree.

Robert Ludekens 12-23-2013

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