Monday, 19 October 2009 03:00

Massively Fruiting Granny Smith Spur Apple

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I have got to show you this tree! 

Not too impressed?  OK, I should have said the fruit on the tree:

Every year at the end of October or early November I bring visitors and staff to see the Granny Smith Spur Apple.  Take a look under/inside the tree:

It fruits like crazy!  Perfect, juicy, tangy, Granny Smith Apples.  Look at how loaded it is.  And you have to remember that this tree had most of its wood cut off each year to produce vegetative growth for the annual budding needs.

This tree is a perfect example of what  a Spur Apple does.  In our hot valley, we rarely get apples that taste good after the long hot summer.  If it fruits in the fall season, most apples are not good through our summer heat.  But Spur Apples are different.

Spur apples produce fruit on the inside of the tree - well shaded from the blistering sun.  Spur Apple trees are also smaller growers making it much easier to reach fruit at harvest time.  The apples are not smaller - just the tree.  Spur Apple trees are naturally semi-dwarf which is why you find them on Common Apple rootstock instead of semi-dwarfing rootstock. 

If you look at our recommended variety lists for California's Central Valley and other hot summer areas with appropriate chilling, you will find Spur Apples at the top of the list.

Just in time for Halloween and fall festival pies.  Yumm.

Nice apple bloom too in the spring: