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Jerusalem Artichokes

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Our Fall harvest has started on the Vegetables and Berries.  (Hint - get your orders in soon if you want the catch the November deliveries).

I went to the processing yard and ran across this trailer load of Jerusalem Artichoke roots/tubers (Helianthus tuberosus) :

Trailer full of Jerusalem Artichoke roots

Trailer full of Jerusalem Artichoke Roots


I thought you might like to see what you plant in your garden.  We plant one of these tubers:

Quarter Sized Tuber of Jerusalem Artichoke

We plant the "Quarter Sized" Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers shown above


Silver Dollar Sized Jerusalem Artichokes

We sell a lot more of the "Silver Dollar Sized" Jerusalem Artichokes to Nurseries - shown above


By summer we have rows of plants with flowers that resemble "baby sunflowers":

Jerusalem Artichoke Flower

Jerusalem Artichoke Summner Bloom


In the fall, we cut off the tops and harvest the tubers:

Jerusalem Artichoke roots just dug up

Digger just passed under these plants


Clump of Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers

Oversized Clump of Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers


More photos here:


Here is a detailed 3 page PDF file all about Jerusalem Artichokes and how to plant them:  Jerusalem-Artichokes.PDF

Ron Ludekens 10-24-2011