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Inca Plum History

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Inca Plum



Inca is an old plum last in production in the 1940's or 50's.  It is a 1919 Luther Burbank introduction.  There is an old tree in El Monte, California.  A local nursery wanted the Company to grow 50 trees for him.  We planted Inca in our orchard.  The sales staff began to pick and bring to the office.  Everyone wanted to know why we did not produce Inca.  I believe it was only originally available for commercial farmers.


The Company has been growing Inca since 2001 and put it in the catalog for sales in 2011.  Sales are up to 600 - 700.  Inca is a medium, heart shaped, and tapers toward the tip.  The skin is a beautiful golden color when ripe and has brilliant magenta specks and a magenta blush around the stem.  The flesh is yellow, rich, dense, and crisp.  The flavor is unique with a perfect balance of tart and sweet.  The variety is self fertile, ripens in early to mid August, and requires 250 - 300 hours chilling.  It is good for Southern California.


Inca is not ours but a re-introduction from commercial to a backyard selection.


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