Monday, 30 November 2009 02:00

Field Walk - Finished Fruit Trees

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Two Saturdays ago (11/14/09) I took my camera for a walk through one of our fruit tree production fields. This is a two year field with one year tops. Here is some of what I saw - a very pleasing field even for my critical eye. 

 The first section is in the Cherry block.

Bing Cherries - Standard

Semi-Dwarf Black Tartarian Cherries

Black Tartarian Cherries - Standard
 Montmorency Cherries 

Rainier Cherries - Standard

Semi-Dwarf Cherry Block

Semi-Dwarf Apples (Red Fuji in center 2 rows.)

Granny Smith EZ-Pick Apple 

EZ-Pick Arkansas Black Apples

Li Jujube - Notice the copious fruit from a grafted top only 9+ months old!

 Fruit already setting on Izu Persimmon
Fruit already setting heavy on Maru Persimmon
Saijo Persimmons (more cold hardy than others)