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Feicheng Tao Peach

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Feicheng Tao Peach

Feicheng Tao Peach

Mr. Zion Lin of Pasadena, California supplied the L. E. Cooke Co with this variety from Shandong Province, China. He felt it was superior in many ways to the Babcock Peach he had growing next to it.

Feicheng Tao is a large white peach. When comparing with a Babcock peach, it is juicier, sweeter, and stronger flavor. The fruit holds well on the tree when ripe. It is eatable when firm or soft with good flavor. This allows earlier harvest and longer shelf life. The Babcock needs to be thinned in the spring to obtain fruit size. Feicheng Tao produces large fruit without the thinning.

Feicheng Tao Peach fruit cluster

L. E. Cooke Co received the budwood July 31, 2000, and introduced the selection in 2009. We list the variety as a 450 hour chill due to its history. We need to study the bloom date to see if possibly a lower chill variety.

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