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Conadria Fig History

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Conadria Fig


This fig was introduced by Ira J. Condit at California Ag Experiment Station, Riverside.  We have a copy of a 1955 book written by Mr. Condit naming more than 1,706 figs.

Mr. Condit introduced Conadria in 1955 but is not included in his book.  This fig is a cross of Adriatic x California 72-80 (Caprifig). It was selected in 1955 and became available to a few commercial growers.

The L. E. Cooke Co has produced Conadria since 1956.  Conadria is a large white fig, light green skin, sweet flavor; cream/strawberry, very firm flesh.  It is good for drying and table use.  The fig holds well on the tree and the small eye makes it resistant to spoilage. The tree is a large grower and produces solid, heavy figs.

Back in the late 1950's I worked with Oscar Gray, Arlington, Texas who wanted a large fast growing fig for the Ft. Worth-Dallas area.  Most fig trees would freeze in this area.  Conadria grew well for Mr. Gray and he made many sales until his retirement.

The L. E. Cooke Co introduced Conadria to the trade from Mr. Condit.

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