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Champagne Peach

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Champagne Peaches!



Every year I await the coming of August and mourn its passing because it is the month that my favorite peach ripens.  If you like sweet, juicy, white peaches then the Champagne is for you.  Just save some for me.



It is good enough to pick and eat while standing next to the tree or you can take things a step further and use it to make multiple culinary delights.  For a number of years it has been the main ingredient in homemade peach jam that has become something of legend around the L.E. Cooke office.  Try them in ice cream or marinate them in a good sweet wine and grill them at your next barbecue.  Or you can always just stand in the yard next to the tree and gobble to your hearts content.

Lloyd Cassidy 9-8-2009