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Blueberry Grape History

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Blueberry Grape


Paul McLane gave the L. E. Cooke Co a grapevine he grew from his grandmother's seedling in Chico, California.  The grapevine produced a seedless Concord like grape with a unique blueberry flavor.  Thus it was named Blueberry Grape™.

A vitis vinifera selection which sets large quantities of medium clusters fully ripe in early September.  A temptation to pick because it has good color in August but its very strong high quality flavor is best through September.  Seedless with an intense rich flavor, Blueberry is fast becoming a popular home selection.

A small to medium grape, a smooth purple skin and clear green flesh with rich strong flavor hinting very much like blueberry flavor and aroma.  A seedless Concord with the unique flavor and aroma makes for a major market variety nationwide.

In addition to its jam/jelly uses the grape can be dried for raisins and keeps well in the refrigerator.

Do not get in a hurry to pick in August when it appears ready.  The flavor increases with the heat building more sugar.  When fully ripe in September the grapes will be a homeowner delight to eat fresh or make jelly, jam, leather, etc.  The blueberry flavor is unique.

First published in catalog in 2009-2010 year.

Robert Ludekens 12-26-2013


Interesting regional anecdotal information from those growing the grape showing a pleasantly wide climate range for growing:

1) I met with Fred Breshears - owner of Simpson Nurseries in Monticello Florida on my last sales trip.  While touring the nursery, he commented how well our Blueberry Grape handled the humidity and disease of the southeast.  They are planted in his personal orchard.

I'm not sure if that anecdotal comment justifies over promising on its performance, but it is a detail to keep in the back of our minds that it might have promise for that area.  Not sure how much he is spraying (but likely some since grapes in the SE typically do horribly without it).  Ron Ludekens 8-10-12


2) Observations just outside San Diego, CA:


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