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Saturday, 20 March 2010 03:00

Pink Perfection Flowering Crabapple

I have a favorite Flowering Crabapple.  When it is in bloom, in my mind nothing compares to it.

Pink Perfection Flowering Crabapple

The Pink Perfection Flowering Crabapple out shines every other tree in our budwood orchard when it is in full bloom.  It glows.


This Crabapple is not for everyone or every climate.  There is a drawback to the Pink Perfection Flowering Crabapple. It gets scab badly. But that is only an issue of concern if scab is a problem you fight in your area. It is rarely a problem in the arid west. If you do not get scab in your area, I highly recommend this tree.




We have fire blight in our climate and we have not had to spray the Pink Perfection trees as they have not shown any detrimental effects.  I hope you give this winner a try.

 Ron L.

Saturday, 20 March 2010 03:00

Spring Has Sprung!

At last!  The long days and nights to finish the 2010-11 catalog are over.  It is at the printer's and we will begin mailing it out this week.  Now I have a little more time to enjoy the blessings of spring.

Prairifire Flowering Crabapples and California Poppies outside my office window (trying unsuccessfully to hide the irrigation pumps)

The last 2 weeks the sales staff spent a lot of time in our annual training.  Part of their annual training is walking through the scion wood orchard next to the office.  

 Rosie next to Helen Borchers Flowering Peach


 Lloyd also under Helen Borchers Flowering Peach

 Denise enjoying the early blooming Excel Lilacs (where is my Claritin?)

We spent a little extra time looking at the flowering crabapples - most of which are in glorious bloom.  Over the years crabapple sales have declined not only for us but for most growers as well.  I keep wondering where the sales went.  

It is a shame.  Crabapples are some of the prettiest trees in our orchard each spring.  Do landscape architects only know about Flowering Pears and Plums?  California has always been weak on crabapples, but even the strong market in the Midwest seems to have slowed dramatically.  If you have any ideas to share, post a reply to this article for all to see.


Pink Perfection Flowering Crabapple

I have a favorite.  The Pink Perfection is absolutely stunning each Spring.  I can see it in the orchard from miles away - it nearly glows.  You can read more about it here: Pink Perfection Flowering Crabapple

Hope you have a wonderful spring!

Ron L.

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