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Monday, 17 August 2009 03:00

A Garden or a Garden Center?

Today I was again dumbfounded by a hidden gem of a nursery, far from the normal flow of traffic.

Singing Tree Gardens was supposed to be closed today but I thought I would drive by to take a look anyway.  Fortunately, the gate was open waiting for a service company and I drove in.  Otherwise I could not see the nursery from the road because of a long, winding driveway.

 I am thankful that Don did not throw me out when I showed up and was not the expected repair man.  Instead he showed me their incredible display gardens, showcasing trees and shrubs in landscape settings with the canned products displayed as it might go in your home landscape.  What an inspiration for the homeowners!!!

 I do not know if they rent out for weddings, but these were beautiful display gardens suitable for events of that caliber.

I'm glad (for my sake anyway) that the repair man was 2 hours late because that is how much time I spent admiring the gardens and photographing them.

One product we sell a lot of is the Forest Pansy Redbud.  In our hot climate, they grow just fine but do not hold the red-purple color in the foliage.  Not a problem in McKinleyville.  Take a look at this gorgeous tree!


If you are ever in the McKinleyville, California area, be inspired at Singing Tree Gardens. 




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