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Saturday, 15 August 2009 03:00

Success in Small Communities

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Making Your Presence Known Teaser photo: We have a number of customers along the scenic Sonoma and Mendocino coastline.  I had to see  how how some of these small communities of 300 to 600 people can support two to four nurseries each. Each one has their own story.  Here are just two. Tony Ventrella tells me how his Gualala Nursery on the northern outskirts of Gualala seemed to be nearly invisible to the motorists accelerating…
Wednesday, 12 August 2009 03:00

On the Road Again

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Tomorrow I start a 12 day sales trip which will include assisting Mike at the Farwest Trade Show in Portland. My camera begged me to take the scenic route. So I am calling on customers from Clear Lake, Highway 1 up to Fort Bragg, Highway 101 also known as the Redwood Highway from Healdsburg through the upper Oregon coast. It will be an incredibly scenic trip. The camera will sneak out of the bag occasionally,…
Friday, 14 August 2009 03:00

Labor of Love - the Making of a Business.

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 First the teaser photo: On this 12 day trip I figured I might take a few snapshots of customer sites along the way and share them.  Day 1 started yesterday at 2:30 AM with a 6 hour drive and then 9 visits.  No time for photos.  Today started much later but 10 busy visits and a few photos.  The dilemma: how do I not offend some by not showing their sites along with the others? …
Monday, 13 July 2009 03:00

Tropic Gold Apricot - Loaded!

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I had to show you this tree absolutely loaded with fruit!  It looked like a weeping tree 2 weeks ago.  For not thinning anything, the fruit was nice sized too. Tropic GoldTM produces medium to large, excellent tasting apricots in late June to early July. As you can see they are yellow with orange cheek.   Fruit is firm and juicy.  Good for fresh eating, canning and dehydrating.  It is self fertile. A good apricot for…
Saturday, 04 July 2009 03:00

4th of July Favorites

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For those of us in the U.S., the 4th of July is a special day.  Besides the obvious historical significance, many look forward to this day for the special treats.  Kids love the fireworks (and parents worry about their shingle roofs).  Hot dogs and home made ice cream are at the top of many favorites. I have one more special remembrance on this day and because of it look forward all year to the 4th…
Wednesday, 01 July 2009 03:00

Introduction: Why a Photoblog?

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It is said "a photo is worth a thousand words".  That is a good thing because I don't have time to write a thousand words and you probably don't want to read that much either. This blog is centered around photos.  I love photography.  Or more accurately, I love being where I can take photos.  God is a marvelous creator and seeing His handiwork whether in nature or in people is a joy.  I capture…
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