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Galaxy Peach History

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Galaxy Peach


Saucer peaches have a long history.  Galaxy was a new introduction from David Ramming, USDA - Fresno in 2003.  It has Armking x Firebright x Sunfre and numbered crosses not released.

We sold Australian Saucer peach prior to 1955 which was very similar to Stark's Donut (Saturn) Peach.  The nickname Donut Peach made for good sales even today.  Galaxy is a much larger Donut or Saucer peach.  Donut, Saucer, Saturn peaches are freestone.  Galaxy is semi-cling.

The skin of Galaxy is colorful - white with 50-60% overlay with red/blush. The flesh is a sweet clear white, firm, with melting texture.  Galaxy ripens at the same time as Donut (Saturn) in late June.  The fruit is very showy on the tree with its large size.

Robert Ludekens 12-27-2013

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