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4th of July Favorites


For those of us in the U.S., the 4th of July is a special day.  Besides the obvious historical significance, many look forward to this day for the special treats.  Kids love the fireworks (and parents worry about their shingle roofs).  Hot dogs and home made ice cream are at the top of many favorites.

I have one more special remembrance on this day and because of it look forward all year to the 4th of July.

Santa Barbara Peach - Sliced

I had my first taste of Santa Barbara Peach on July 4th - the tree in the test orchard is just a few rows away from my parent's home.

How can I describe it?  Blogs are good for words and photos but not taste and smell.  Think of the sweetest peach you have ever eaten combined with the overwhelming flavor of peach.  A Babcock or Belle of Georgia peach combined with an Elberta or Rio Oso Gem.  Melting in your mouth, dripping with sweetness and flavor. 

Admittedly, I like sweet things.  Others, like my father, like tart fruit with strong flavor.  The Santa Barbara Peach combines the best for both of us. 

This peach is for the homeowner to pick and eat fresh off the tree.  It will never be a farmer's commercial success.  When it is wonderfully ripe, it will soften quickly - think of a puddle of sweet juice on your counter top.  It will not ship or store well.  So don't make a pie from it.  Instead, giggle with pleasure as you wipe the remaining dribbles from your chin.

I hope you someday get a taste of this summer treat and you will forever look forward to its ripening date - which for our climate is around the 4th of July.

Santa Barbara Peach - Sliced

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