Monday, 03 May 2010 03:00

Beautiful Central Texas


I just returned yesterday from a marvelous two week sales trip into central Texas (roughly covering from San Antonio to Fort Worth).  Now, to be honest, I have only been to Texas in August - always tied in with the annual TNLA trade show.  My impressions had always been, let's politely say, uncomfortable.  Hot and humid.

Well, my impressions have changed mightily.  What a pretty state!!!  Lush green, rampant wildflowers and comfortable weather - although I did have to hold on to my hat a lot.  Locals tell me the drought from last year and the abundant rain this year has made for one of the best wildflower seasons in decades.  I took the photo above on the drive from Seguin to Adkins of my very first day.

I was running fast to see all the customers I could so did not have a lot of time to set up the camera and tripod except on a few evenings.  More photos to come (especially of the Hill Country) when I get some of the piles of work off my desk.

Another beautiful thing about Texas are the people.  I have always enjoyed the people of Texas.  Even as a child attending the trade shows, I could remember how friendly everyone was (yes, we have been going to the show over 50 years).  Now, as I imposed on precious time during the busy spring season, I was still warmly greeted in friendship. Thank you to each of you for your hospitality.  Come visit us so we can return the favor.

Ron L.

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