Monday, 31 August 2009 03:00

Peach Ice Cream

This is a catch up blog from July - been traveling too much to keep up to date.

Photo is of Lloyd Cassidy (Northern California Territory Manager) picking tree ripened peaches (and apricots and nectarines) to make home made peach ice cream for our office potluck.  FYI - we only hire people who can cooke (pun intended).

This budwood orchard is one of several around the nursery.  Right next to the main office is the large Research Orchard where we can find fresh fruit from May through November.  It is a nice extra perk for those of us who like fresh fruit.

All combined, we have over 47 acres of budwood/scion wood orchards.  There are over 26,000 records of trees, shrubs and vines that we individually track and maintain.  This is a huge expense that we feel necessary to assure trees are true to name and where applicable, virus certified.

Tomorrow I will follow up with a story about our Honduran interns' first experience with home made ice cream.

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